about Christopher Day

Chris Day with a ‘rescue’, a few years ago

Chris is a veterinary surgeon (veterinarian) supplying a specialist referral and second opinion service for alternative medicine (natual medicine, holistic medicine) in the UK. He has forty years of experience in the field.

He is Veterinary Dean of the Faculty of Homeopathy, involved in training standards and examinations for veterinary post-graduate courses.

He writes books and articles on the subject of Natural Medicine, Natural feeding of animals and animal welfare. He is involved in the teaching of veterinary post-graduate students in several countries and has been involved in the training and examinations for animal chiropractors and the training of post-graduate veterinarians in acupuncture.

He is an organic/bio-dynamic vegetable gardener and supports wild zones on the family smallholding, where wildlife is actively encouraged and supported.

He, his veterinary practice and his family use no manufactured chemicals on the land, in the garden, on the premises or in the home.

Chris is a fervent opponent of Animal Experimentation (Vivisection) and is vegetarian. He is also an amateur rockologist (geologist to more erudite folk).

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