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send email to Christopher Day (or to the Alternative Veterinary Medicine Centre, whose emails go through his inbox)

For urgent cases or urgent case reports, it is safer, better and pradoxically quicker to telephone the office on 01367710324

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  1. I have a query about skin problems in dogs. My partner has a lovely 11 year old ‘Heinz’ who has been scratching a lot over the last 6 months, recently Psorinum has helped, but didn’t hold once the remedy was stopped. Nothing else, (Sulphur and Rhus tox) worked as well, although the Rhus tox has been wonderful for her generally. Last week she was treated with Front Line she has had this many times before, but over the next 24h, the dry patches multiplied, became red, inflamed and weeping. She is now on antibiotics and Histamine 30c. The latter I suspect is making her a little sleepy or am I missing something? Can you offer any advice from afar?

    • Hello
      This is likely to be a chronic constitutional problem (possibly triggered by vaccination?), which would require knowledge of the particular patient.
      For those who don’t have help nearby, we can offer postal or video consultations, with the ‘OK’ and information from your vet.
      My office can help with details of all the information we require for such an endeavour.
      Best wishes, whatever you decide to do.
      - Chris

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