Homeopathic First-Aid for Pets eBook



Homeopathy has a two-hundred year track record in helping people and animals to come through emergencies and common ailments. Christopher Day has condensed forty years of veterinary practice experience into this ebook, to enable home treatment of the family pet, whether dog, cat, rabbit, budgerigar or tortoise, without danger of side effects and without risk of interfering with any concurrent veterinary drug medication. Fifty useful homeopathic medicines are briefly described and a treatment guide is given for scores of ailments and health problems. This is a handy ebook for anyone interested in self-help medication of their pets. Enhance pet health and well-being, while reducing veterinary bills. This ebook will save its price many times over, the first time it is used.

This ebook is in ePub format, which can be read on a desktop or laptop, whether Mac or PC, with a simple and quick (and free!) download from Adobe: Adobe Digital Editions (Adobe ADE).


eBook: 50 Homeopathic First-Aid Medicines for Animals

The small project that started on Facebook, with 40 remedies has grown!

In this new eBook the original 40 medicines have received some augmentation and ten new medicines have been added.

This book should be an excellent companion to Homeopathic First-Aid kits and provides valuable hints on the application of these 50 important medicines in all domestic species.


All you need to read these on your desktop or laptop, if you don’t have an iPad is Adobe ADE – a quick and easy free download.




Ban GMOs

Genetically-Modified Organisms are the brainchild of power-crazed, money-hungry corporations that are steadily infiltrating our ecosystem with an unknown and unstable laboratory creation.

Say NO to GMO


Animal Experiments rise yet again

The latest Home Office figures again show a rise in the number of animal testing procedures carried out in the UK (in 2011).




Glyphosate in UK bread

Bread roll with your Herbicide, sir?

The world’s most popular herbicide is Monsanto’s Roundup (Glyphosate). It is turning up in a large proportion of UK cereals and bread.





Normandy 2012

My daughter and I went to Normandy in September this year – it seems like a long time ago now.

It was a time of intense learning about the events of 1944 and a voyage of pilgrimage to honour those who fell and those who risked their lives in this campaign to rescue mainland Europe from tyranny.

At this time of Remembrance, as 11th November approaches, we shall remember this trip with both sadness and pride, as we shall remember our similar journey to Ypres and the Somme in 2011.

We owe our liberty and our lifestyle to these men.

Belgium 2011

We shall remember them . . . .

Normandy 2012


Herbal poems

On the Alternative Veterinary Medicine Centre Facebook page, there is a series of herbal ditties that remind the reader of key virtues of healing plants.

Light reading, sometimes entertaining, this series should help one to memorise salient features of some of the most marvellous medicines Nature has to offer.

Here are two examples: