Normandy 2012

My daughter and I went to Normandy in September this year – it seems like a long time ago now.

It was a time of intense learning about the events of 1944 and a voyage of pilgrimage to honour those who fell and those who risked their lives in this campaign to rescue mainland Europe from tyranny.

At this time of Remembrance, as 11th November approaches, we shall remember this trip with both sadness and pride, as we shall remember our similar journey to Ypres and the Somme in 2011.

We owe our liberty and our lifestyle to these men.

Belgium 2011

We shall remember them . . . .

Normandy 2012


On The Beach

I was fortunate enough to be able to spend a few minutes on the beach, yesterday morning.

Here is the haul of easily picked up rubbish that I collected from a very small patch of beach.

This is not just ‘one of those things’, this is dirty, slovenly, lazy, anti-social and dangerous. This is our world, chaps. Let’s not keep on abusing it!

The fluorescent light strip is most likely not from beach litter but has probably been washed ashore and may be the result of accidental or intentional loss from a boat. However, these things contain Mercury powder – deadly if it were to break!

Stop polluting our world and endangering wildlife. Take your rubbish home.


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Facebook Facelift

I’ve updated my Facebook page to the new ‘timeline’ format.

Here’s the pic.(above).

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Precious Oceans

This is a page on Facebook. I happen to think it is incredibly important, not just for wildlife, not just for ecology but for our own souls.

This card (posted on Facebook) is horrifying. Recycle and don’t litter and, if you must put such things into landfill, please cut all the rings first.

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