Acupuncture Cat Video

Here’s a video (link below) of a cat receiving an acupuncture treatment. He is not in any way restrained, although his harness and lead, on which he walked in, can be seen still attached.

While he’s no vet lover, he accepts his acupuncture very well, as do most cats. He hates the camera, though!

If a cat objects to needle acupuncture, we have to assume we are either doing it incorrectly or that needles don’t suit. In such rare cases, we would use acupuncture-by-LASER, which is painless and soothing. We DO NOT SEDATE animals for acupuncture.

Every patient is given a chiropractic check and offered correction by manipulation of any problem found.


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Homeopathy – Medicine or Magic?

This was the question posed by the landmark BBC QED television programme that went out in January 1991, produced by Tony Edwards. I was proud to be a part of it (but it’s hard to believe how young I looked then!).

This programme looked at homeopathy, veterinary homeopathy, sceptical views and rational opinions. It was and still is an important and powerful piece of television and has now been uploaded onto Dailymotion. It’s well worth a watch:

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Great way to start the day!

Nice reports not only make life worthwhile, they also put a spring in your step.

Here’s a great one from yesterday, setting me up a treat for the weekend:

Most gigantic difference in him – totally different horse – no longer so tricky – absolute joy to work with him now – brilliant!

This a young and very talented dressage horse (in very experienced and talented dressage rider’s hands) who was proving almost impossible to train and would kick at his belly 20 minutes into work. Nothing that had been tried was helping. Seen on 10th July – chiropractic manipulation and homeopathy – report 27th July.

Work isn’t work when it’s such fun! for selected case histories

The image is of a different horse, of course, to protect the innocent!

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