We have yet another example of why it is not wise to buy and consume processed and manufactured foods. Meat eaters take note.

Horse meat found at levels of up to 30% has been found in burgers in Ireland and the UK (in Tesco and Iceland in the UK). Pig meat contamination was also found. Was the horse meat even of human consumption quality? If you are religiously against eating pig meat or have an objection to eating horses (it’s not the culture of the UK or Ireland), this is highly offensive. It throws open again the question of ethical dealings in corporate manufacturing.

It’s difficult to see how such a thing could be accidental.

It is always safer to buy and consume fresh wholefoods.

Glyphosate in UK bread

Bread roll with your Herbicide, sir?

The world’s most popular herbicide is Monsanto’s Roundup (Glyphosate). It is turning up in a large proportion of UK cereals and bread.