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On The Beach

I was fortunate enough to be able to spend a few minutes on the beach, yesterday morning.

Here is the haul of easily picked up rubbish that I collected from a very small patch of beach.

This is not just ‘one of those things’, this is dirty, slovenly, lazy, anti-social and dangerous. This is our world, chaps. Let’s not keep on abusing it!

The fluorescent light strip is most likely not from beach litter but has probably been washed ashore and may be the result of accidental or intentional loss from a boat. However, these things contain Mercury powder – deadly if it were to break!

Stop polluting our world and endangering wildlife. Take your rubbish home.


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Rat Poison is Dangerous!

Our dog managed to scavenge some rat poison. She was ‘on heat’ at the time and the bleeding was HORRENDOUS.

We rapidly gave Vitamin K injections and homeopathic treatment and bleeding soon returned to normal.

In the morning, on the beach, there was vivid evidence of how much of this stuff she’d managed to take in. It could easily have killed her.

Beware rat poison.


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The sun is great but . . .

Please remember how quickly a car can become an oven, when parked even in filtered sunlight. Please leave the dog at home on a hot day, if you cannot guarantee shady parking. A window left slightly open may not be sufficient to keep the dog’s environment safe.

Air conditioning is great for dogs in cars that are on the move but it can lull us into a false sense of security.

There have even been tragedies with children!

Images: two dogs safely enjoying their cars.

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