Verses on Homeopathic Medicines

On our Facebook page, we have verses and pictures of homeopathic first-aid medicines for animals.

These are intended as a handy way to remember the scope of the remedies.

It is an ongoing series.

The page of the Alternative Veterinary Medicine Centre – administered by Christopher Day.

Herbal poems

On the Alternative Veterinary Medicine Centre Facebook page, there is a series of herbal ditties that remind the reader of key virtues of healing plants.

Light reading, sometimes entertaining, this series should help one to memorise salient features of some of the most marvellous medicines Nature has to offer.

Here are two examples:

Herbal Verbals

We seem to have a series of rhymes about herbal medicines, over at

Six medicines so far: comfrey, blue cohosh, dandelion, milk thistle, peppermint and marigold.


The Alternative Veterinary Medicine Centre was founded by Chris Day MRCVS in March  1987. He had already been using alternative medicine for his clients’ animals since 1972.

The AVMC is a second opinion and referral practice, in alternative medicine for animals. Chris Day operates totally independently of all commercial connections. He receives no kick-backs, retainers or percentages from any company or interest, whether it be involved in medicine, foods, saddling, insurance or other activity. In this way, he is able to retain his independence and the advice offered is the very best he can give at the time, free from commercial influence.

At the AVMC, our work has two main prongs – firstly, stimulation of the body’s own healing ability and secondly, removal of the potential obstacles to recovery. This is the meaning of holistic medicine. It means that for each species and each individual patient, we have to study lifestyle, feeding, housing, management etc.

The route to wellness for animals.



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