Free eBook – Christmas Dangers for Pets

Outlining the sometimes forgotten dangers of the festive season for our pets.

This ebook is in ePub format, which can be read on a desktop or laptop, whether Mac or PC, with a simple and quick (and free!) download from Adobe: Adobe Digital Editions (Adobe ADE).

Free eBook! – Christmas Safety for Pets

With Christmas time just around the corner, I thought it may be worthwhile to draw attention to some of the hazards that can face our pets during this festive season. The cautions are drawn from and based upon real-life experiences and events.

This eBook is offered free of charge, to promote pet welfare and safety.

This is in ePub format – Adobe Digital Editions will read it on a laptop or desktop computer. This software serves in a similar way to Adobe Acrobat Reader and is a quick and easy free download.

Feed Your Horse the Natural Way

I have been busy writing and formatting for ebook publishing.

My feeding horses booklet is now released as an ebook, available at:

It is readable on laptops and desktops if you use Adobe ADE (free download)

Feed Your Cat the Natural Way

My feeding cats booklet is now available as an ebook!

It offers practical advice on how to feed a cat using fresh and wholesome ingredients.

It is in epub format, which can be read on a computer, using free download: Adobe ADE.

The horse

The horse is a magnificent and wild creature, yet serves mankind so well and so remarkably willingly. This is even more surprising when you think how many work with ill-fitting saddles, ill-fitted shoes, unsuitable diets and egotistical riders.

Thank heaven there are some humans who do their horses well.

Because of the amazing anomaly presented by the horse’s power and strength, bent to our will despite our treatment (some of it from ignorance, some from intent), a poem occurred to me . . .

Dedicated to all horses and ponies, everywhere


Summer time (we can possibly mention that concept now) is the favourite time for cats to come home smothered in fleas!

Putting brewers yeast in the cat’s food and combing essential oils though the coat can act as a great flea deterrent.

Regular daily or even twice daily flea-combing is important, so long as you dispose of your ‘catch’ effectively. Electric flea combs may help.

Intensive vacuum-cleaning with a powerful vacuum cleaner, in areas frequented by your cat(s), is also important.

If you are not vigilant and diligent, a flea infestation of your home can follow, which can be a real nightmare. Fleas can multiply at a prodigious rate.

Chemical applications on the animal or in the home can be a risky business and we advise clients to avoid these if at all possible. The toxins can affect humans (esp. toddlers and children) and can be residual in your home environment.

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Food Waste Scandal

Waste not – want not

We’re all in this and each of us could do a lot more to prevent or reduce it.

A few facts one can glean from a little research on the topic:

In the UK last year, we threw away an estimated ~20  million tonnes of food!

Household are responsible for an estimated ~7.2 million tonnes of food waste in a year, at a cost of about £12 billion. The rest of the waste comes from suppliers and retailers.

If we put together all the food thrown away in the UK and USA, we could feed all the world’s starving people.

Take a look at: (2008 figures) (dated figures)

At home, we do throw stuff away but it is all organic and vegetarian, so it is either composted (to recycle in the garden for another year) or, if edible, fed to our animals. However, this is still food that someone else could have eaten!

Just think of all the trucks that could be filled by 20 million tonnes of food!

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