Lovely news – Golden Retriever patient

I received this letter today: This is what makes the world go round and makes our lives at AVMC worthwhile. It is lovely to receive such reports. Above all, Becky’s story and many others teach us never to give up faith in our dogs’ healing capability. Before anyone says ‘but homeopathy did that, not the dog’, we should remember that homeopathy only provides the stimulus, the patient does the job. (By the way, the image is not of Becky).

Becky – Golden Retriever

“I am so grateful for all the help with Becky’s health since I came in May 2010 (prior t that you had supplied nosodes as an alternative to vaccination).

I was not too positive at the time as she had been diagnosed with both incontinence and arthritis of the spine. Her vet had given a pessimistic outlook with an increasing lack of mobility. The thought of her having long-term prescription drugs for the incontinence did not appeal to me, as she was only 11 at the time.

Your prescription greatly assisted with the incontinence which later disappeared (with a combination of the homeopathy and an ever-decreasing dose of the prescription drug).

The homeopathic pills prescribed for her mobility problems made an immediate and very noticeable improvement and she has had a good and apparently pain-free life since that time, enjoying walks, holidays, visits to relatives etc. She also received many compliments from strangers who all thought she was a  much younger dog and about how well she looked.

Becky is always happy to take her homeopathic pills, unlike the ‘other medicines’.

Early this year (2012), she was diagnosed with liver disease and or a tumour. This seemed to me a very depressing outlook and I once again called on your help. You were most encouraging and prescribed homeopathic pills for the liver problems, reviewed her other pills and suggested I should continue with some of them for her mobility. We recently increased these and this again made an immediate difference, with her mobility increasing again and her legs becoming much stronger again.

Although I obviously cannot see what is going on internally, I have noticed that externally all the little bumps and cysts that she had have disappeared.

She enjoyed another holiday this year in Somerset, in October, and continues to get very positive comments about how well she looks (now aged 13+). Thank you.

Pharmaceutical industry fraud – criminality

While it is serious that such a vociferous and bigoted monirity try to suppress homeopathy, it also forces me to chuckle when they go on bleating about the lack of evidence for homeopathy.


Firstly, that lack of evidence is NONSENSE – there is a growing body of evidence to support homeopathy, not to mention the massive 200-year accumulation of endless anecdotes of success.

Secondly, all that vaunted evidence for conventional drug medicine that is so often quoted (even to the extent of favouring it with the title ‘scientific medicine) is so much pie in the sky. About 18% of interventions by doctors were shown to be evidence-based (British Medical Journal) and the published so-called scientific papers are disgraced (one example of many papers on the subject follows):

With so much bribery, corruption, deceit and fraud going on, what data are reliable? Then, there’s corruption rife in the publication of scientific papers, too!

If this weren’t all so serious and if good folk weren’t dying or being maimed as a result of this criminality, it would be the joke of the century.

The rewards for this criminality are obscene levels of remuneration, that our society has seen fit to allow these people to attain. This disgusting level of remuneration, as in the banking industry, is a massive temptation towards corruption and criminal activity. Our health service is held to ransom, as is the hard-pressed tax payer. When will it end? When will people say ‘enough is enough’?


The Alternative Veterinary Medicine Centre was founded by Chris Day MRCVS in March  1987. He had already been using alternative medicine for his clients’ animals since 1972.

The AVMC is a second opinion and referral practice, in alternative medicine for animals. Chris Day operates totally independently of all commercial connections. He receives no kick-backs, retainers or percentages from any company or interest, whether it be involved in medicine, foods, saddling, insurance or other activity. In this way, he is able to retain his independence and the advice offered is the very best he can give at the time, free from commercial influence.

At the AVMC, our work has two main prongs – firstly, stimulation of the body’s own healing ability and secondly, removal of the potential obstacles to recovery. This is the meaning of holistic medicine. It means that for each species and each individual patient, we have to study lifestyle, feeding, housing, management etc.

The route to wellness for animals.