Shame on West Midlands Safari Park

White Lion cubs sold into Slavery!

One of the excuses for existence that zoos and animal parks uphold is that they are breeding endangered species for rehabilitation into the wild.

What place does selling ‘valuable’ rare species have in that scheme?

Whom does the spokesperson think he’s kidding when he said they didn’t realise what was going to happen? They knowingly sold the animals to a businessman who deals with the entertainment industry!

I feel a boycott coming on, not that I’d visit such a place anyway.

The story is published here, with some amazing photographs:

eBook: 50 Homeopathic First-Aid Medicines for Animals

The small project that started on Facebook, with 40 remedies has grown!

In this new eBook the original 40 medicines have received some augmentation and ten new medicines have been added.

This book should be an excellent companion to Homeopathic First-Aid kits and provides valuable hints on the application of these 50 important medicines in all domestic species.

All you need to read these on your desktop or laptop, if you don’t have an iPad is Adobe ADE – a quick and easy free download.



Animal Experiments rise yet again

The latest Home Office figures again show a rise in the number of animal testing procedures carried out in the UK (in 2011).

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