We have yet another example of why it is not wise to buy and consume processed and manufactured foods. Meat eaters take note.

Horse meat found at levels of up to 30% has been found in burgers in Ireland and the UK (in Tesco and Iceland in the UK). Pig meat contamination was also found. Was the horse meat even of human consumption quality? If you are religiously against eating pig meat or have an objection to eating horses (it’s not the culture of the UK or Ireland), this is highly offensive. It throws open again the question of ethical dealings in corporate manufacturing.

It’s difficult to see how such a thing could be accidental.

It is always safer to buy and consume fresh wholefoods.

Day 8

I’m no sport-watcher but, hey, wasn’t that great? We have to respect very deeply these incredible athletes and admire their achievements. Quite apart from the impressive statistics in the medals league, these people have done us proud, as models of devotion, sacrifice and sheer hard work.

These people came across as ordinary folk doing the extraordinary with exemplary humility and modesty.

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Congratulations to all those involved in this amazing performance by so many of our young folk. Long may they savour the moment and enjoy the memories. While Day 8 will be the one to remember, there have been so many other wonderful performances so far and I’m sure there are more in the pipeline.

Food Waste Scandal

Waste not – want not

We’re all in this and each of us could do a lot more to prevent or reduce it.

A few facts one can glean from a little research on the topic:

In the UK last year, we threw away an estimated ~20  million tonnes of food!

Household are responsible for an estimated ~7.2 million tonnes of food waste in a year, at a cost of about £12 billion. The rest of the waste comes from suppliers and retailers.

If we put together all the food thrown away in the UK and USA, we could feed all the world’s starving people.

Take a look at: (2008 figures) (dated figures)

At home, we do throw stuff away but it is all organic and vegetarian, so it is either composted (to recycle in the garden for another year) or, if edible, fed to our animals. However, this is still food that someone else could have eaten!

Just think of all the trucks that could be filled by 20 million tonnes of food!

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