Food Waste Scandal

Waste not – want not

We’re all in this and each of us could do a lot more to prevent or reduce it.

A few facts one can glean from a little research on the topic:

In the UK last year, we threw away an estimated ~20  million tonnes of food!

Household are responsible for an estimated ~7.2 million tonnes of food waste in a year, at a cost of about £12 billion. The rest of the waste comes from suppliers and retailers.

If we put together all the food thrown away in the UK and USA, we could feed all the world’s starving people.

Take a look at: (2008 figures) (dated figures)

At home, we do throw stuff away but it is all organic and vegetarian, so it is either composted (to recycle in the garden for another year) or, if edible, fed to our animals. However, this is still food that someone else could have eaten!

Just think of all the trucks that could be filled by 20 million tonnes of food!

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