Shame on West Midlands Safari Park

White Lion cubs sold into Slavery!

One of the excuses for existence that zoos and animal parks uphold is that they are breeding endangered species for rehabilitation into the wild.

What place does selling ‘valuable’ rare species have in that scheme?

Whom does the spokesperson think he’s kidding when he said they didn’t realise what was going to happen? They knowingly sold the animals to a businessman who deals with the entertainment industry!

I feel a boycott coming on, not that I’d visit such a place anyway.

The story is published here, with some amazing photographs:

The horse

The horse is a magnificent and wild creature, yet serves mankind so well and so remarkably willingly. This is even more surprising when you think how many work with ill-fitting saddles, ill-fitted shoes, unsuitable diets and egotistical riders.

Thank heaven there are some humans who do their horses well.

Because of the amazing anomaly presented by the horse’s power and strength, bent to our will despite our treatment (some of it from ignorance, some from intent), a poem occurred to me . . .

Dedicated to all horses and ponies, everywhere

Sparrowhawk release

A great memory from 2011

Poor thing doesn’t look too happy about being held but you should have seen it before the Arnica and Aconite!

Homeopathic medicines are wonderful for wild creatures and responses can be amazingly rapid, especially in birds.

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PETA’s campaign to raise awareness of the misery suffered by Orcas at SeaWorld.

Here is PETA’s campaign to raise awareness of the misery suffered by Orcas at SeaWorld.

This business only survives because of its huge profits made purely from animal exploitation.

It would NOT be profitable if no one were to buy tickets! Simple.

The orca is a sentient and intelligent creature that should be in the wild, not performing tricks for man’s pleasure. If this goes on, we can honestly say that we as a human race have not moved much further forward than we were in Roman times, with the spectacles held at the Colosseum for our amusement.

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